What is www.mhetestprep.com?

www.MHETestprep.com is a online resource developed by McGraw-Hill Education India to enable students to take tests for competitive exams online that simulate the real tests to help prepare for the competitive exams in India.

Is the site / tests free to use?

Yes, the site is free to use for most parts, but there will also be high quality paid tests by our authors that students can take.

How to do I get access to the site?

  • Pls go to the website www.mhetestprep.com
  • Hit the sign up button
  • Fill the details
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • An email is sent to the email specified
  • Confirm the registration by clicking on the link in the email
  • It Should log you into the site

I forgot my login id

Your login id is your email id

I forgot my password

Please use the forgot password link on the site by providing the email id which you used to register. Once you provide the register a link would be sent to your registered email id giving details on how to reset your password

I have not yet got an email from you

  • Please validate that the email id you are using is the one you used to register.
  • Please try to re signup with the email you are accessing. If you have already registered using this email it will tell you that this email has already been used if not it will let you sign up in which case you might have signed up with a different id or a wrong emailid.
  • Please check your spam folder for any email from us
  • Click on the forgot password and check if you email has already been registered with us
  • If all of the above does not work pls send us an email at test_prep@mcgraw-hill.com

Is there a preferred browser?

We recommend you use the latest Firefox browser on this site.

Where can I buy MHE books?

Please follow the buy books on the top link to buy the books from our online store tmhshop.com

When will I know the results once I take a test on this platform?

You will know the results once you have submitted the test

How do I get details on my results and comparisons with others who took the exam?

Once the test is complete and if you go to the home page and refresh you will see an assessment link. Clicking on that link will give your ranking out of the various students who took the exam. It will also give the percentile which gives you an idea of how many students are behind you.

Is Mobile phone required?

No it is not mandatory but it will be good to provide mobile phone so that we can provide you information on when the tests are scheduled and other details

Whom do I contact if I have issues in logging in or taking a test?

Please contact test_prep@mcgraw-hill.com and we will respond with 24 business hours. We are open from Mon – Fri 8.30 AM to 5 PM

Whom do I contact if I have issues in buying test codes from tmhshop.com?

Please contact help@tmhshop.com

Whom do I contact in case of errors in the questions / Answers?

Please send an email on test_prep@mcgraw-hill.com